a few favorite things...

First of all, I just want to say thanks for everyone who has stopped by my blog, it is so fun to read all of your comments!

I have another tutorial in the making, but for this post I just wanted to share some of my favorite past projects with you. I love searching for inspiration on blogs, people are so creative out there!!

Heather Bailey's blog always makes me smile with its bright welcoming colors, and when I saw these adorable pinwheels I knew they would bring some sunshine into my little one's room! When I was linking this picture to Heather's blog, I noticed I left out the center part of the pinwheel, oops! I think I will take them apart and add my missing centers:)

Another craft for my little sweetie's room is this flower wreath from Second Sister. I loved the spring colors, and the breath of fresh air it offered. I will say, I would be happy to never paper-craft another flower for the rest of my life after this project. But I always seem to find myself clicking on random paper flower posts so I guess the fetish may not be over!

This purse was one of my first endeavors crafting something besides clothing with my sewing machine. I found detailed directions at this link. The instructions were so clear, it was a cinch to put together. I also felt so professional using magnets and metal rings to make a project:)

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