Quiet Book Part II

Here is a page I actually came up with myself. Malia loves puppies so I thought it was only right to make her a puppy page. She loves fuzzy fabric so I found white faux fur material. I knew I didn't need much so I didn't really want to buy it off the bolt. Luckily I found some over by the finishing accessories sold by the yard. It came in about a 4 in. wide strip. Very nice, much less spendy. The collar came from Target in the animal aisle.

Another page fashioned after Jill, in fact the remaining pages are all ideas from Jill's blog. I just used a little Heat n' Bond to put on the blue water background. I really like how this page turned out so colorful. I had to take the fish away though since my little one isn't old enough not to put them in her mouth. Definitely a choking hazard. We will just have to pull them out when she is a little older.

Space page.

Yes, thank you Mr. Roboto.

If you notice, even my message on the letter is the same as Jill's. What a wonderful mother I am!! I really need to work on my creativity.


Super Cool Quiet Book

A while back I saw the cutest Quiet Book on Homemade By Jill, I knew I just had to make one for my little Sweetie! So I got my supplies together and started sewing. A month later,  I almost have it finished. Trust me when I say this project isn't for the faint of heart. Luckily, Jill's blog was a lot of help, saving lots of time. In fact, most of the pages I did just like her (if it ain't broken, don't fix it).

The adorable back pocket pattern  I found on Made by Rae, I thought it added a fancy feminine touch. For the binding, I used Link-a-doos, I figured that way if she chewed on them, which is what I am pretty sure she will do, it would be okay. I also used a toggle from an old sweater for the closure.

 If you hopped over to Jill's site this page probably looks familiar. I just thought it was cute!
Same with this one...

This one I actually used a little of my own creativity, but not much though. The barn and the disappearing finger puppets (or maybe I just forgot to take a picture of them) are similar to Jill's. But I added the I Spy Silo. I thought it would be great to keep the little one and the daddy busy for a little while. Besides the little beads are kind of like grain. I'm sure all kinds of silos on farms have rhinos and large gems in them. I would hope mine would anyway.

Okay this is just a few pages, I've got more, but I am getting tired so I will add them soon.