Yay for Easter outfits!!

I know I just posted a skirt tutorial, but I guess spring puts me in the mood for making fun outfits. Sorry about the sad little picture. My model was napping, and I just couldn't wait to post it. Don't you just love the shoes though? Thanks Grandma, your the best:) Anyway, I made this skirt using the Sydney's skirt tutorial from the Polka Dot Chair, with a couple of modifications. I love this pattern, this is the third skirt I have made using this pattern and I am never disappointed.

I realize these modifications probably don't take an expert seamstress to figure out, but I thought I would post them just in case someone was interested. Sometimes I just like to find a similar similar project another person has made to get a little reassurance that I probably won't end up wasting a bunch of supplies. Anyway, feel free to use this information if you would like.

First, I didn't want this skirt to be quite so ruffly. So, instead of doubling the 'skirt top' pieces, I measured my daughters waist say 18" divided it in half (9") and added them together giving me 27". I followed the tutorials directions for the remainder of the measurements, except for the 4 skirt ruffle pieces. For those, I cut out four 6x44" strips from my tulle. You can cut out more strips of tulle if you would like the bottom ruffle to be more full, but I wouldn't suggest cutting any fewer since I think it would be in danger of coming out kind of skimpy. Also cut a piece of ribbon as long as the length of your waistband strip.

Follow the steps of Melissa's tutorial until you get to the directions regarding sewing the ruffle pieces. Sew all four ruffle pieces so you have one large hoop of tulle. Be careful that all of your seams face the same direction, this can be a little tricky when using tulle. Now, instead of hemming the bottom of the fabric, fold the tulle in half. Sew a basting stitch at about 1/4"-3/8" from the cut edges of your folded tulle. This should create a nice folded edge at the bottom. Gather using the basting stitch so that you have a nice ruffle. Continue with Melissa's tutorial.

When you reach the directions for the waistband, take your waistband strip. Fold it in half lengthwise, right-sides out. Place ribbon down on folded band. Determine where ribbon would look best, keeping in mind that you will need about 1/2" of the bottom edge (away from the fold) to sew waistband to skirt. I ended placing my ribbon about 1" away from the bottom edge. Sew ribbon to waistband piece. Continue with tutorial.

I hope these directions are clear. If you have any questions or a comment, please feel free to share.

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